Today in Edmonton, the work began, and despite a busy agenda, I managed to find time to introduce some of the digital methodologies used by ZN Consulting. Digital met digitally, as I hosted a webinar with the students at the University of Alberta to explain and elaborate on the methodology behind Digital Mapping. For those of you new to the topic, it’s an effective technique we have been using at ZN Consulting for the past 15 years to help client’s better connect with their audience. Digital mapping results play an essential communications role for some of Europe’s largest companies and most influential institutions.

I also had my first opportunity to share the Hyperthinking model with students at MacEwan University. We followed up the presentation with an insightful discussion on how the mindset could be applied to get better results in both, the student’s personal and professional lives.

Interestingly enough, like with many of the previous groups who have taken to Hyperthinking, participants from the lecture seem to identify different value within the mindset based on their individual needs at the time. Key takeaways found this group of students during our session were, shifting paradigms and embracing our on-going learning.

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