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  • Hyperthinking is coming to town

    This month Hyperthinking is hitting the bookshelves of all good bookstores near you (virtually at least). The book, which puts into words the concept at the heart of the ZN philosophy, is finally here! For the past few years, I have used my two decades of experience in the business of communication, change and new […]

  • Dance your Paradigm

    At last month’s TEDxBrussels, John Bohannon shared a brilliant thought with the audience. Why use PowerPoint to make presentations when we can instead use dance to convey difficult scientific concepts, or any other story for that matter? This refreshing and inspiring idea shows the value of crossing disciplines and generating new ways to understand complex […]

  • Soft paradigms and bright kids

    Last week I was reading an article from the Harvard Business Review by Heidi Grant Halvorson curiously entitled: The Trouble with Bright kids. I enjoyed the ‘takeaway’ from the article, which I quickly shared with my own children Ivan (11) and Natasha (8).  The short of it is that kids who believe that their success […]