Next week, there will be an opportunity for communicators to dig deeper into the challenges and opportunities created by the rise of social media.

This conference created by Luke Brynley Jones – @lbrynleyjones, founder and blogger of, is taking place in Brussels for the first time on Wednesday 26 September, for more information go to: Social CRM 2012.

The name itself raises questions that marketeers are dealing with everyday. What is the impact of social technologies on our marketing, and how can we adapt our strategy to make the most of these tools? More practically, how can move to a ‘social’ form of CRM, where a brand can connect to its customers through a multiplicity of channels?

The opportunities sound endless, however the hype around these tools has confused more than one business executive. What is needed now is practical examples of real challenges and real successes – not the promises of extraordinary opportunities that more often than not fail to materialise. Through a combination of presentations, workshops and Q&A, a group of experts and marketeers will look for solutions to their own specific needs. They will share their first hand experience from brands such as eBay Europe, BNP Paris Fortis, United Biscuits and many others.

ZN is supporting the event as an outreach partner and I will be presenting some thoughts on these topics. My starting point will be that the Internet and social CRM are redefining the relationship between companies and individuals; it is their mindset and not resources that is key to face this challenge. I will describes how ‘Hyperthinking’ can serve as a powerful tool to meet the demands of a new customer base and take advantage of an ever-changing world.

We look forward to seeing you there.