Before leaving for the mass migration that takes place every summer in Brussels, Place Flagey (the up and coming new creative hub of Brussels and incidentally where the ZN offices are located) was the scene of something unexpected. The European Commission organised an event to celebrate it’s educational exchange programme called Marie-Curie.

In a rather inspired move, they connected the usual format of a big get together with the increasingly successful TED format, joining hands with some members of the TEDxBrussels team to give it the famous 18 minutes touch!

I had the opportunity to attend the event and get my own 18 minutes on stage, on the subject of Hyperthinking and how shifting paradigm and creative thinking are the key tools to building a successful career in the 21st century.

Check out my presentation in this video:

I gathered my first reactions from the event as I walked on a sunny place Flagey:

To make the presentation we used Prezi:

New perspectives and shifting paradigms – a hyperthinker’s journey and the team prepared a new look and feel that is directly connected to the visual IDENTITY of the Hyperthinking book, which will be out in November. I will be sharing the cover on this blog shortly.

Maybe Brussels has caught the TED bug and we will start seeing some hypershifting taking place in the institutions. Fingers crossed and see you at TEDxBrussels in November.