As I am getting started on this new blog, I thought it might be good to share a few thoughts about the approach we are taking. We already have a ZN blog on which I post from time to time, so this blog is there for me to focus on the topics I am more directly involved with and a place for me to experiment with new tools.If you have been following ZN and hyperthinking for some time you will know that we have always been trying new tools and new approaches to see what works and what doesn’t. In addition, I am working on a new book on hyperthinking that will be published some time next year by Gower Publishing. This means I am writing the different chapters of the book and rethinking some aspects of the concept. I have also been updating some of the examples I have been using in my previous ebook and in my presentation.Therefore, this blog will be used to share some of the insights I encounter through this journey and share my thoughts on experiments with new tools.

When discussing how best to share these thoughts and experiences with Jeremy from our team, I was trying to figure out which tools to use and how to best use them. As you can see, a variety of media assets will be linked to this blog. I use twitter though not regularly, am experimenting with podcasts with audioboo, putting together mobile videos and started a google+ page on hyperthinking in addition to my own. At the moment, it isn’t getting much traction however I would like to use google+ as a discussion tool instead of twitter (I shared my frustration with twitter on last week’s podcast).

In todays world of never ending development cycles we have become used to the idea that a product, website or technology tool is in a state of ‘permanent beta’. Meaning it is always work in progress and a new and better version will come along to improve on the previous version. In this spirit, I see this conversation as a permanent learning process where I share some ‘draft’ thoughts with you, first to have an outlet for them and second to get some input from you to help me take them further.

So stay tuned and watch this space for more ‘beta thoughts’…