Today was a day packed with back to back lectures, and I switched between introducing Hyperthinking to explaining digital mapping, as I did with the students of the University of Alberta on Monday.  The students worked on different research methodologies so the discussions we had after the presentation were very interesting with students investigating the role of digital research in research projects. It is interesting to find that digital research is still quite rare and not something that is taught systematically although most teachers recognize the importance.

I had the opportunity to interview MacEwan University’s CIO and communications professor, Peter Ryan. Ryan attended a presentation on digital mapping followed by a lecture on Hyperthinking, and provided insights on bringing together different approaches with a common goal. It was very interesting to compare Peter´s academic point of view on methodologies with that of ZN Consulting on both, Hyperthinking and Digital Mapping.

I also launched the ‘Hyperthinking Club’, an initiative for students who want to continue or start Hyperthinking and share their experience of this with others.  It is a very straightforward idea: meet once a month, share ideas and experience on what works and what you picked up, and continue sharing the experience on Facebook. We will see where this takes us.

Thursday is a day of key public presentations with a very practical session on Hyperthinking in the healthcare I will be introducing a case study on Break Dengue an initiative I co-founded over a year ago. Check back tomorrow for the latest updates from Canada and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter where you can join the discussion using the hashtag #hyperthinking.


Some of the conversation going on on Twitter…