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  • Hyperthinking in the healthcare sector: Day 5

    Today I had the opportunity to talk with Goldwin McEwen, an award winning communications writer and a developer of communications and public relations strategies. He motivates and organizes groups and has successfully managed both internal and external communications in private for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, government agencies, and academia. Mr. McEwen is currently the CEO of […]

  • Sharing ideas with Peter Ryan: Day 4

    Today was a day packed with back to back lectures, and I switched between introducing Hyperthinking to explaining digital mapping, as I did with the students of the University of Alberta on Monday.  The students worked on different research methodologies so the discussions we had after the presentation were very interesting with students investigating the […]

  • Hyperthinking in the Great White North: Day 2

    Today in Edmonton, the work began, and despite a busy agenda, I managed to find time to introduce some of the digital methodologies used by ZN Consulting. Digital met digitally, as I hosted a webinar with the students at the University of Alberta to explain and elaborate on the methodology behind Digital Mapping. For those […]

  • Hyperthoughts from Canada: A digital travel diary

    This week I will be reporting from Edmonton, Canada. I arrived Saturday evening, welcomed by a Canadian cold front and snowfall. Once checked in to my hotel and getting caught up on jet-lag, I sat down at the desk and took a look at my agenda for the week. I am invited to speak at […]

  • The Hyperthinker is becoming a Hypertraveler

    As a traveler and Hyperthinker I have recently addressed the need for a new mindset within the sector and while today’s post is about travel, my objective this week takes me to a new audience. This week, I’ll be speaking and networking with University students on my book and the concept of Hyperthinking, a mindset […]

  • Hacking it out in Hyderabad

    Last week I was invited to speak at the XI Metropolis World Congress 2014 in Hyderabad on Break Dengue. An initiative we began just over a year ago to fight one of the most economically devastating diseases around the globe, which affects populations in over 100 countries, dengue fever. We hope that Break Dengue will […]

  • The most fundamental skill schools should teach

    I was recently interviewed by MBAin, an organization which has built up a community around helping out MBA grads with career choices, all the while understanding the true value of their newly gotten education. The MBAin editorial staff wanted to know my thoughts on the topic of education in the modern-day classroom. As Hyperthinker readers know, […]

  • Seeking a new mindset for future tourism

    I remember as a child, my mother was an avid planner of all our trips.  She would gather books, notes and information in a large file, preparing our trips with a great deal of care and attention. Travelling then involved carrying around a great deal of papers, books and notes that would also form proof […]

  • Hyperthinking in the Smart City

    In many places around the world, we urbanites already see the ‘city of the future’ unveiling right before our eyes a bit more every day. There are many integrated parts to a ‘Smart City’ enabling ourselves and the lives of ‘Others’ to be better connected to our surroundings. However, technology is only a part of […]

  • Authors@Google: Eric Ries “The Lean Startup” – YouTube

    Authors@Google: Eric Ries “The Lean Startup” – YouTube.